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Common Discourse Weekly Briefing


If this is the second time you’re receiving this email, it’s because I accidentally hit publish while working too late last week as this thing was sitting in my drafts. This big reveal suddenly has less impact—excuse my human error. 😕

In 2016,

I started to carry a notebook on me that I would write simple observations in.

Things like,

It's takes a lot more energy to sustain doubt than it does to be certain — regarding my ideas, thoughts, and posture towards life

If the stories we tell creatively are limited by what we’ve experienced in life so far, then they will only get better with time

I’m a writer

These thoughts found their way to the Internet. Much to my surprise, people have found an emotional relevancy through Twitter and this newsletter.

"Yeah I write a little bit" has always been my easiest way out.

It's always been the thing I always felt embarrassed to tell others about because I've never been sure whether or not it's good enough for people to spend their time on.

But as time passes, I've found that people actually notice when I'm not putting things out in the world.

Our friends at Good Podcast said something that really stuck with me on a phone call a couple months back. They were chatting with us about the work they're putting in to consistently create their popular show again.

"It just feels better when we're putting conversations out there than when we aren't. I don't think that guilt is really a bad thing either. In a world where there is so much invaluable stuff, we feel lucky enough to create something that people look forward to learning from."

I've even received messages from people online holding me accountable.

Strangers have opened up to me over and over about the things they're currently dealing with. People ask me for advice and generally just want to talk.

I have never felt like the perfect giver of advice, but I have noticed at least one thing; it's that people need and want connection. A common place. Value.

So I'm coming to terms with this idea—if writing is something I want to keep doing and it's something that others look forward to, my posture has to shift from "Yeah I a write a little bit" to "Yeah, I'm a writer."

Moving forward

This project is being renamed to Common Discourse. A place for conversation, culture, ideas, questions, and pondering. It's a digital home for the curious and observant, the novice and expert.

The name change is, in part, due to the limitations that the name Attached Below was giving me for future growth. I have plans for this little newsletter. But for now it's the same, one week at a time. A weekly briefing designed to help others (and myself) to think through creativity, focus, and intentional work. With a few thoughts from me, a quote from somebody else, and some links that I found interesting over the past week. Every Tuesday at 9:17am.

Thanks for another week!

Common Discourse is a weekly briefing designed to help others (and myself) think through creativity, focus, and intentional work. It hits your inbox every Tuesday at 9:17am.

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